VP slugfest hall pano

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Falling Spring Falls, Alleghany Highlands (9/21/16)

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80′ falls from overlook. Conveniently located less than six miles from Suck Lick Hollow.


top of falls (11-image pano)


Falling Spring Creek just above the falls (vertical pano). Feeds the Jackson River which joins the Cowpasture River to become the James.


From the Admin

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I am floating the idea of shuttering the site thedailymuse.org.  It was an experiment gone wrong.

There was a time that this site filled a need.  I had hoped that it would be a place where certain expression of ideas could find a home outside of mainstream social media.  The Muse did see a hey-day for a short time, but the second tenant of the site’s slogan got the better of us.  Activity is at an all time low I suppose supplanted by other outlets available in the internet.

Anyway the site did accomplish it’s main purpose ie to get O3 a way to publish his photos without emailing us all.

I suppose sister sites will remain in place and they are thankfully not multi-user sites.  Perhaps I will hang out my own shingle.  The site will remain available until the Domain name is due for renewal in case anyone wants to retrieve photos and such.

Let me know what you think.

The Admin

Larry Poons Again

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At work I’m always anxious to introduce some of our programmers to Art concepts.  We have had lively discussions about Picasso and Pollack and even discussed topics such as “The artistic value of original art vs forged art.   Recently a programmer was  playing with a algorithm that performed randomization according to a given set of parameters and used dots on the screen to visualize the results.  I was quick to point out with some customization the program could easily mimic some of early work of Larry Poons.  It’s always good for the techies to see things a bit differently.  Here is Frank’s response to my challenge against Poons’ “Orange Crush”.  I was pleased. Poons1



Actual 2007 vodka ad for Russian market – not a parody

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MoJo story on ad

Bloomberg story on failed vodka business

Minister BP covers the GOP convention

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Bella, a sweet American foxhound (?)

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