The Shavey Boys (2006)

(for “mature” audiences only)

To The Nub (1:34)

Shave It On Down (2:34)

Shave It, Mr. Percy (3:57)


One Response to “The Shavey Boys (2006)”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    I’ve never met The Shavey Boys, and I wouldn’t admit it if I had. These songs were passed on to me third-hand.

    Apparently, or so I’m told, these guys heard about a business owner in Texas who for some reason was told by one of his employees that she and her husband both shaved “down there”. She went on to state that at the Texas high school they’d attended, if word got out that one wasn’t so shaved, one became a social outcast. The Shavey Boys found this hilarious.

    I was also informed that the frequent occurrence of “eyeballs” in the spontaneous lyrics is an inside joke relating to some homemade music video involving lots of oversize, bloodshot rubber eyeballs.

    Dr. Phil, if you object to these songs, don’t blame me, blame boscodagama! He’s the one who brought up this topic.

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