Kay Kyser’s band in “You’ll Find Out” (1940).


7 Responses to “Sonovox”

  1. What the?

  2. Professor Kay Kyser & His Kollege of Musical Knowledge featuring Ish Kabibble.

  3. I’vr heard of Kay Kyser, but I HAD NO IDEA!

  4. gonebutnotforgotten Says:

    I’ve got a one track mind too.

  5. corndoggie Says:

  6. gonebutnotforgotten Says:

    We had a friend that had his voice box remove throuugh cancer and this device has been a godsend for alot of people that have this condition. Ron loved comedy and had a good sense of humor for going through so much.The amusing thing was his pet bird had this same wild sound that his new voice made.

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