For the sports fans

They were known for inconsistent vocal harmonies in live performances, but they seem to have nailed this one pretty well.

6 Responses to “For the sports fans”

  1. jude3obscured Says:

    I know — I’ve seen this before. I *love* it. I’ve seen Bobby wear that pink shirt before too; sometimes he’s worn it with his cut-offs and his pink guitar (no lie.)

    I got 11th-row seats to see Phil and Bobby next month, in a venue similar to the Mosque (I still call it that).

  2. jude3obscured Says:

    And even though I kinda like the ol’ blue-collar Phillies, I already knew this meant I gotta get behind the Giants.

  3. jude3obscured Says:

    Uh oh. Bottom of the eighth, one out, tying run for Phillies on second.

  4. Last time the Giants were in the series (Oct 22, 1989) the Loma Prieta earthquake occurred. Grab yer ankles me boyos!

  5. & I’m not rootin’ for the Rangers, btw.

  6. I’m wrong on 2 counts.. last time SF was in the series was 2002 & the Loma Prieta was Oct 17.

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