Angle grinder

Sorry for the cheesy non-original pix. When I find my camera battery charger, I’ll take a pic of the thing I cut.

Angle grinder.


11 Responses to “Angle grinder”

  1. Dog in Boat Says:

    This might be a good time to link back to the discussion about the King Arthur Lancelot woodcarving disk:

    I hope you get your camera battery working… remember, O3 is watching!

    …also, remember to wear your safety glasses and use the ear protection too! That grinding shit can get really loud. I could really do without the constant ringing in my ears (tinnatus) that either came from too much stratocaster or too much angle grinding, or both.

  2. jude3obscured Says:

    Tx for the safety tip. I’ve been really good about the safety glasses, but a little lackadaisical

    Thanks for the safety tip — I’m good with glasses, but have been a bit lackadaisical about the earplugs — and the reminder for the link. I emember glancing at it when it first appeared, and it left me cold/bored before. But now that I’m just beginning to start to have a glimmer of learning to understand these things (and not have visions of bloody appendages flying every time I see one), it took on a whole new meaning.

    I’ve also been introduced to the local scrapyard. / The guy who runs it always wears a fedora and has an unlit cigar clamped between his teeth on the left corner of his mouth.(Boy, you’d think for a so-called writer I could do better than that, but you get the picture.)

    The place is a flinking *wonderland.*

  3. Dog in Boat Says:

    I accept the “boring” view of my previous angle grinder post with a certain pride. “interesting” is over-rated. And interest in angle grinding is definitely an acquired taste.

  4. Passion and interest are born in separate sides of the brain and neither has anything to do with the other. If you are passionate for something for enough time you may develop an interest. You could be interested in something all your life and never have passion for it.

  5. Dog in Boat Says:

    Speaking of obsession, this kind of reminds me of my wife’s father, who announced at a family gathering once that he “had never been obsessed with anything.” You should have seen the look on his wife’s face.

  6. judd for the defense Says:

    Big K, re the first part (passion but no interest): What?

    Chien a bateau: Was it an eye-rolling “I know better” look or the more ominous “You better reconsider that statement real quick, Mister” look?

  7. It was the ominous kind.

  8. Passion but no interest; like the guy who reeeeeeeally likes women, that is until his thirst is quenched. After that he really couldn’t care less what they have to say. Or the guy who reeeeeeeeally likes grinding. He will grind and grind until he has tinnitus in his ears with no thought for the finished product or the project deadline.

  9. judd for the defense Says:

    Ah. Your first example cleared things up.

    I’m not touching that other gauntlet throw down, uh, I mean, second example.

  10. “Inspiration is highly overrated. If you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it’s not liable to ever happen. More often than not work is salvation.”

    “I’ve always thought that problem solving is highly overrated and that problem creation is far more interesting.”

    Both quotes by Chuck Close that somehow seem to apply. Wait, go to go, I hear the phone ringing…. Oh wait. It’s just the tinnatus talking.

  11. Minnie Pearl was from Grinder’s Switch, TN.

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