forty five thousand four hundred and thirteen steps

Richmond Marathon, Nov. 13, 2010: 26.2 miles is about 45,413 strides at 3 feet per stride. That means this guy’s prosthetic leg took about half that number of impacts yesterday during the marathon, which, when I think about my lazy ass, kind of makes me want to cry with my ****** in my hand.


4 Responses to “forty five thousand four hundred and thirteen steps”

  1. I could hang on a bike or skates but running was too much for me. An old memory is I use to skate with Chuck C. as he ran a couple of times, think I may have done that with D.C. once also.
    Those marines (in gas masks) that run in the marathon supporting the disable is pretty wild. I didn’t no what to think when I saw that guy doing it in the fan a month ago.
    There is a guy in my neighborhood that walks his dog on a unicycle I hope to photograoh one of these days.

  2. p.s. T. mentioned there are a group of women that hoop in town, maybe at Dora’s???

    I’m not doing well with the cold this year so I’m trying to find some movements that will help. By the way that shot has worn off and I’m back to serious shoulder pain. Never will get a C-shot again!

  3. Enough about me, I wonder how Jude is doing in that big snow storm she must be in???

  4. I haven’t looked at the weather, except out my back door, which it ‘aint bad. The leaves should have fallen by now, though. My neighbor’s Maple tree is about to drop a ton of them into my backyard.

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