Paris – The Luminous Years



9 Responses to “Paris – The Luminous Years”

  1. I saw the first 15 minutes of this show on PBS tonight:

    It was *adorable* and I wish I could’ve watched the whole thing but we had to go to the neighbors for home-made egg-nog. So anyway, the neighbors turned out to be cool and it was worth it and all, but I want to see the rest of this show as soon as possible. Fractal geometry explained! Hanging with the Mandelbrot set!

  2. “Paris – The Luminous Years” is on now. Thanks for the suggestion. As for Braque and Picasso meeting every morning in a shared studio and having long heated discussions about the formation of Cubism, all I can say is – they just made it all up.

  3. unclebanjo Says:

    I’ve always felt alittle cubist?

  4. corndoggie Says:

    I’m heavily triangulated.

  5. I thought y’all were da da.

  6. unclebanjo Says:

    DADA too!

  7. I am not dada, at least not by intent.

  8. jude3obscured Says:

    How come this isn’t on TV where I live?

  9. I think maybe cubism doesn’t work in deep snow?

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