Miracle cure for Frozen Shoulder – DO NOTHING!

You can heal yourself by doing nothing and by knowing that there is nothing to lose. The man in this video had debilitating “frozen shoulder” in both shoulders for several years. Expensive physical therapy, drugs and exotic alternative healing methods were recommended. But this man did absolutely nothing and just waited. Now look at him.


14 Responses to “Miracle cure for Frozen Shoulder – DO NOTHING!”

  1. Note that the “take that Otway” part at the end is all meant in good fun and with the best intentions for healing and hope for the new year.

  2. unclebanjo Says:

    Happy friggin New Year! Looking forward to the monkey bar days. Does hanging on them help during the bad period? I think we have some across the street???

  3. I had to wait for the pain to go away completely before I could hang on the bars. Again, the course of the therapy calls for doing “nothing.” It’s harder than it sounds. Maybe I should go to the yoga center and start charging for classes.

  4. unclebanjo Says:

    I just went for a walk, we use to have monkey bars, see saws, and swings across the street. They seem to be all gone? Just a bunch of kiddie crap.

    Happy friggin…………

  5. It is rare to see monkey bars in this day and age of child safety, unless you are at an Al Qaeda training camp or happen to live near a neglected urban park, like Bryan Park. There is an old set of bars over there that I use for chin-ups (I can do 1-7/8ths chin-ups). The fancy new set featured in the video was built recently by the seal team PT people (ooo-yah!)


  6. unclebanjo Says:

  7. unclebanjo Says:

  8. “good touch. bad touch.” …the essence of all the muse controversy.

  9. unclebanjo Says:

    Tasha is a little heavy with her thoughts but it’s all worth exploring…

    Was hoping someone might find more entertaining monkey bar videos.

  10. I looked around for monkey bar videos the other day and didn’t find anything as interesting as yours. My feeling is that they should be called al qaeda bars now due to that clip of the training camp that has gotten so much air play, but I couldn’t even find that clip.

  11. unclebanjo Says:

    Remember how to “Skin the Cat”

  12. Dog in Boat Says:

  13. I was in a pool with a deep end yesterday and found the full extent of my shoulder movement when treading water. The water makes it easy to stretch within reason and I’m still having problems but am beyond needing nsaids and the heavy stuff that really saved my bacon during the winter. I was more worried about the nsaids than the painkillers which by the way don’t say you could just drop dead from taking. Seems odd you can get nsaids (advil,etc.) so easy, and the rest they make you feel like a criminal.

    With Boatdogs wife’s recommendation I’m eating over a tea spoon of ginger a day that is suppose to control inflammation.

  14. boatdog Says:

    I used to be able to do everything the kid in the video does right up to the part where he starts doing the giant swings. My dismounts were not that great either.

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