Great time and show! Had some problems with pain, guess the snow set it off  and I’m definitely ready for a better camera.


9 Responses to “magbats”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Looks like a good time. Frustrating to have had to miss it. Do-over?

  2. Dog in Boat Says:

    Well, here it is noon thirty and I’m just coming around. Last night was a great time and I hope there will be more shows like this. Thanks for the photos, Uncle Banjo.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    A little off topic, but TCM is showing the following. Notice cast list:

    Legend of the Lost (1957)
    — A madman, a guide and an earthy woman search for ruins of riches in the Sahara. With John Wayne, Sophia Loren, Rossano Brazzi, Kurt Kasznar, Sonia Moser.

    IMDB show four flicks for her:

    The Quiet American – Yvette (uncredited) (1958)

    Legend of the Lost – Girl (1957)

    Nero’s Mistress (1956)

    Rosso e nero (1955)

  4. Dog in Boat Says:

    …and here’s some self defecating, ur, I mean deprecating humor:

  5. corndoggie Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Man, if I ever get that drunk again, shoot me before the moser party starts.

  7. Pain usually builds character.

  8. unclebanjo Says:

    Contrary to what you may have heard, the only sort of character suffering builds is the ability to suffer–a useful ability in a world where suffering is the routine nature of life but not a virtue that makes the world a better place.

    Virginia Postrel

    Enduring pain builds strength and character.
    Many patients think that if they “tough it out” this time it won’t be as bad next time. That doesn’t work. The opposite is true. Pain weakens a person. It weakens the immune system. It does not build character. Pain should be treated immediately and effectively. is an advocate for the rights of
    chronic pain patients and their doctors to be free
    from DEA interference and intimidation tactics.

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