BigK in Paris?


8 Responses to “BigK in Paris?”

  1. Where’s the spaceship?

  2. Gaston LaGaffe Says:

  3. unclebanjo Says:

    Intimidator 305

    NEW FOR 2010!

    Intimidatorâ„¢305, the tallest and fastest roller coaster of its type on the East Coast! Only the second Giga-coaster ever built in North America, the lift hill will stand a towering 305 feet at its highest peak; descend 300 feet at an 85 degree-angle and thunder along the track at speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour during its three minute race to the finish. This ride will have you roaring to the finish line and begging for more!

    Intimidator 305 is an aggressive thrill ride which features intense elements and high speeds. Riders will experience extended periods of high G forces and negative G forces (airtime). This ride should only be ridden by those guests who are in good physical and mental condition appropriate for an aggressive thrill ride.

    For the most up-to-date construction information and photos visit

  4. unclebanjo Says:

    Seems more suited for NASA training then FUN?

    Got to remember to send photo to Dotsy who rode the Rebel Yell daily when she worked there. Not even sure if that coaster reach’s tree tops or in my panoramas? The park site still list’s it…………

  5. unclebanjo Says:

    Roller Coaster: Intimidator 305
    Amusement Park: Kings Dominion (Doswell, Virginia, USA)
    Classification: Roller Coaster
    Type: Steel – Sit Down
    Status: Operating since 4/2/2010
    Make / Model: Intamin AG / Other / Giga Coaster
    Maps: Bing Maps (Satellite) · Google Maps (Satellite)
    Cost: $25,000,000 USD
    Capacity: 1350 riders per hour

    Length: 5100′
    Height: 305′
    Drop: 300′
    Inversions: 0
    Speed: 90 mph
    Duration: 3:00
    Max Vertical Angle: 85 Degrees

    Trains: 2 trains with 8 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 32 riders per train.

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