Positive Nature (sculpture)


6 Responses to “Positive Nature (sculpture)”

  1. Y’all cubist types might want to read about George Condo, who thinks of some of his portraits as “psychological Cubism.”


  2. unclebanjo Says:

    Interesting, I liked ths :

    Hermann Broch states in his pioneering 1933 essay, Notes on the Problem of Kitsch, that kitsch is the result of the effects of the industrial revolution on the middle class, and the resulting perversion of the “Romantic.” This condition is brought about through the commodification of sentimentality and the fluent use of mechanisms designed to arouse the desires for romantic love, spiritual transcendence and the struggle for individuality.

  3. unclebanjo Says:

    This is why I like DADA and really still applies today concerning our lack of Peace.

    The beginnings of Dada correspond to the outbreak of World War I. For many participants, the movement was a protest against the bourgeois nationalist and colonialist interests, which many Dadaists believed were the root cause of the war, and against the cultural and intellectual conformity—in art and more broadly in society—that corresponded to the war.
    George Grosz later recalled that his Dadaist art was intended as a protest “against this world of mutual destruction.

    from Wikipedia

  4. unclebanjo Says:

    All crimes begin with a thought.

  5. So do all great things that are done.

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