Geese claim abandoned mall, 8/24/10


4 Responses to “Geese claim abandoned mall, 8/24/10”

  1. unclebanjo Says:


    That’s almost better than the wasp clip.

    I had a run-in with a huge flock of those Canadian Geese but was unhappy with my photos. Really loud birds.

    The day BigK and I visited the tower we stopped by Boatdogs (not home) and KB was asking where Hippoland was as we passed by the wasteland. I guess it’s gone? Since it’s not my neighborhood I don’t go to far into the fenced off part. There are cops there everytime I’m there usually.

  2. Hippoland is still there, still in use as nearly as I can tell.

  3. unclebanjo Says:

    You know if they left those skaters alone they would clean the whole area, you can’t skate with debris, that will jam you up. I think they are decent kids that would help watch out for the area if only they weren’t deemed a problem.

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