Still Missing Roto

I again was trying out some software and was missing Roto. This software enables you to remove anything on your face that you wouldn’t want everyone to see. If you ask me – isn’t that why we rented the room?

9 Responses to “Still Missing Roto”

  1. And the answer to the obvious question is – Yes you can enlarge the nose.

  2. With this software I might be able to take come to grips with that portrait of Bosco

  3. unclebanjo Says:

    I like people to look natural but a french whore is ok too.

  4. If you can’t afford the software, they still give away paper bags at the grocery store for free.

  5. unclebanjo Says:

  6. unclebanjo Says:

    Roto Bro Says:
    July 10, 2009 at 4:36 PM

    Looks like the former Azalea Mall is a real problem for Richmond.
    Maybe you need a developer with deep pockets who could ask for some
    financial incentive from the city or major tax abatements. The city
    good issue a bond without any extra tax burden on the citizens or for
    the a project that had a positive benefit for all citizens, a bond
    with a very slight property tax increase. I bet the infrastructure,
    water, sewer, etc, are still in place under that concrete. Your
    city engineers have maps that show this. Often it is cheaper to
    build on bare land rather than old concrete. In today’s economy
    there will be few willing to take the risk.

    Here are a few ideas,some more appealing or feasible than others;

    #1. A coal burning or nuclear power plant to address Richmond’s
    growing energy needs. You use electricity don’t you?

    #2. An urban warfare training facility for V-22 Osprey crews.
    Don’t you want to feel safe?

    #3. A sculpture park to relocate all of the Confederate Statues
    from Monument Avenue.
    Hey, if you are offended, don’t go there. At least you don’t have
    to drive by them every day.

    #4. An arts district including Opera House, Art Museums, concert
    venues, amphitheater and open air art flea market.
    I likes art, you like art?

    #5. Worlds largest skate park drawing tourists, and their tax
    revenue, from the entire East Coast.
    I’m too old to skate but I’ll take their tax dollars.

    #6.The Edgar Allan Poe Memorial Miniuature Golf Course and
    arcade, with bumper boats, batting cages, bungee jumping
    off the interstate bridge and much more including a larger
    than life staue of Poe commissioned from a local artist.
    Even Baltimore can’t boast that.

    #7. (most plausible)
    A planned community emulating the Fan District row houses
    with urban loft living above and trendy shops and resturants
    below and little triangular parks. A very upscale address,
    “Fan North”
    Like living in the Fan but with security guards and gates
    and no pesky freaks.
    That’s all I have. I thank the Council for considering
    my immodest proposal.

  7. unclebanjo Says:

    BigK and I were here the day we visited the tower and a group of women were buying every eiffel tower postcard in the stacks. I couldn’t believe my luck?

  8. unclebanjo Says:

  9. corndoggie Says:

    The freaky thing about this software is not smoothing pores and removing zits: it reshapes a face’s bone structure to conform to an algorithmic norm of beauty.

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