Mit Konis Hupen

A little something to get your mind right before you go out this evening:

19 Responses to “Mit Konis Hupen”

  1. unclebanjo Says:

    That would have been really good if it had been LIVE and not overproduced………

    Got any pictures of the Tower?

  2. 1. Rise above.

    2. Are you just trying to make conversation?

  3. …when you are on the beach at Antibes, the natives get restless if you try to take pictures of their towers.

  4. unclebanjo Says:

    I’ve been going back and forcing panos out of pictures with the funky cameras trying to get something arty.

    You didn’t really go to Paris (like Jude) and not take pictures of the Eiffel Tower???

  5. unclebanjo Says:

    I can’t beleve!

    The two people here that have working knowledge and skills with metals didn’t fall in love with this monument.

    enough to photograph?

  6. corndoggie Says:

    Now THAT’S entertainment!

  7. I was thinking you were talking about a tower in ANTIBES, which town was the SUBJECT to which I was SPEAKING. Of course I took pictures of the Eiffel Tower! I’m not some kind of “I’m not a tourist” tourist!

    …but they are all in printed form. In boxes …..somewhere.

  8. unclebanjo Says:

    If I ever get the chance, I’d rent a bike and ride a circle around it and probably take at least 5 gigs of it. That is just in one day.

    5 gigs a day.

  9. Uncle banjo, der Turm Eifel ist rechtlich Kitsch!

  10. I eat 5 gigs for breakfast. The thing about photographing in Paris is there’s too much. You might THINK you’d rent a bike and ride around and around the tower, and then you’d notice a porn star boarding the Bato-Bus and you’d be pedaling frantically beside the Seine, Cleopatra’s needle bound.

  11. unclebanjo Says:

  12. unclebanjo Says:

  13. This guy played French Musette music last night at A.C.&T.

  14. He played with this guitarist (the one on the left):

  15. unclebanjo Says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about, LIVE and very real. The Snow Sweets are wonderful!

    Thanks for post!!!

  16. unclebanjo Says:

    Love the sound of that gitar. You’ve given me guitar and bamboo fever all at once………..

  17. The Woodshedders were the second act last night. They were the best of the night, and the band included members of Old School Freight Train. This clip is the one that is closest to the sound they had last night, but the guitar player in this video is the only band member who was still with them last night:

  18. Local boys, Gypsy Roots were the headliners. It’s hard to find anything much on youtube about these guys:

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