Eiffel, by special request

5 Responses to “Eiffel, by special request”

  1. unclebanjo Says:


    I like it better than the Washington moument that it was suppose to rival. It was meant to piss americans off. I love large bridges too, what Eiffel was known for building before this.

    It’s got an American Otis elevater in it which disturbed the french (the ego thing is bizarre, but I guess it got things done).

  2. Cheese eating surrender monkeys.

    That top image is a pano of two pictures I shot that day. Bonus.

  3. unclebanjo Says:

    Finding panoramas of the tower done by my dad in 1944 sort of distracted me from watching mom pass last november.


  4. KB says this is how we will get our information in the future:


  5. corndoggie Says:

    Now that’s an EYEFULL. Great photos.

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