For Art Lovers

Something new from our pals at Google

the Google Art Project


10 Responses to “For Art Lovers”

  1. Now I can finally see the Frick

  2. unclebanjo Says:

    That photo should be made into a Cibachrome! (what a classic)…

  3. unclebanjo Says:

    This is the only Cibachchrome in my collection, the other one I had done is in Boatdogs collection of a sunset on the Federal Reserve. A very expensive print to have done.

  4. Don’t worry, I still have it.

  5. BTW, I’m watching a movie called “Creation” right now, streaming on Netflix. It’s about Charles Darwin, and has a lot of content about medicine during his lifetime. A lot of drinking mercury going on for RX. It certainly is a good thing that our modern medicine now has all that stuff figured out.

  6. KB, I read today that the director of the Frick is retiring this year. Maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

  7. It could be better, I’m starting to relate too much with House these days.

    I heard from Jude a couple of weeks ago and she was on her way to Mexico and had photos from traveling before that, that she would post. I miss hearing her comments and such but I guess it’s good to be so busy.

  8. Who need the Frick when I have the Muse

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