For Art Lovers #2


11 Responses to “For Art Lovers #2”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Groovy. By you?

  2. Somebody will have to show me how to do a watermark sometime, Not that I would use anything other than an O3.

  3. I looked on the flickr site for your entry, intending to vote for it, but did not find.


  4. It’s building pretty fast may be on page 6 by the time you hit link.

  5. Now I found it but can’t figure out how to vote for it. It seems like they are just letting people vote for the finalists.

    Note: I am just making conversation here…. hoping to increase the “BUZZ” for your online exhibition. I’ll use the flickr site to figure out how to vote and wouldn’t expect you to have to explain it.

  6. unclebanjo Says:

    I think we should all enter it and what ever happen to the Cloud Song that we were going to submit to that other do-hickey?

    and don’t forget the lotto!

  7. OK, I posted my “Crossing Jordan’s Branch” pano to the Nature Conservancy. I still think they have it set up so you have to be a finalist to get votes for your photo.

  8. corndoggie Says:

    You can at least type “Photo by O3”, or get all fancy-like and use “© by O3, 2011”. This puppy deserves a large print.

  9. corndoggie Says:

    Simple watermark: add a layer, type and position your text, bring down the opacity.

  10. unclebanjo Says:

    Here is what BigK gave us, I just tagged photo and am still trying to see how to vote? Maybe better luck with the lotto, There are alot of Smokin pictures there and being a nature freak, It’s a good thing!

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