On the Hill


7 Responses to “On the Hill”

  1. over the hill is more like it.

  2. You did great today considering you forgot your glasses.

    What was that place below the hill that was in the crime novel you were talking about. We got to find out where Dora lives around there too.

  3. The other night I was sorta amazed at all the neon signs around town in disrepair regarding urban ruins. Going to get something good tommorrow at dusk.

  4. When I saw O3’s pictures of the old cinema in Church Hill, I wondered if he had anyone with him when he was over there. Now I see it was just another pano party. I’m quittin’ my day job.

  5. I’ve try to get you to go a couple of times when you walk the dog but there was no interest.

    I want to photograph Lonesome Liz with her little Gretch. I noticed she has played with Wes before, let me know about that?

  6. Wrong about no interest, but I’ll let it go at that. I was just concerned that you were in a bad neighborhood and was hoping you had somebody watching your back over there.

  7. ….I’ve been working every weekend since December anyway, so, you know… too busy to be friendly and all. Just sayin’

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