8 Responses to “accordion”

  1. unclebanjo Says:

  2. unclebanjo Says:

  3. unclebanjo Says:

  4. corndoggie Says:


  5. unclebanjo Says:

    I couldn’t fix the furnace and the repair man failed. Won’t be posting til warmer weather so our disc can have the electricity. Got to save where you can.

  6. It’s all right, the world is in revolt mode anyway. It ‘aint getting better anytime soon. Cheers,

    Debbie Downer

  7. unclebanjo Says:

    Yann tiersen that wrote this music, I just love!

    Man it’s cold! I think we will be better after we get through this cold evening. Very humbling……..

  8. unclebanjo Says:

    Jeez, I just saw te forecast, we got two more nights of this cold to go. I feel like I’m back on Oregon Hill.

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