Bryan Park pano 2/27/11


21 Responses to “Bryan Park pano 2/27/11”

  1. Just wanted to mention that I reserve all rights to the taking of panoramic photographs in Bryan Park. It’s my pano sanctuary. But, not to worry, I’ve decided to grant you rights to the taking of this one pano. Please remember to ask permission next time.

  2. unclebanjo Says:

    I not only want permission, but when those swamp A’s bloom this year and where ever else we can go to see em!

  3. You got it baby. Bryan Park is an amazing place that I get to know better all the time. This morning I met a new homeless person camped out at shelter number 2. We had a nice conversation and I was surprised that the discussion ranged from the perils of capitalism to the relationship between the frontal cortex and the amygdala. I guess my take home message is not to draw conclusions about anybody just because they lack a place to live.

  4. Swamp Azalea blossoms: The best I’ve ever seen are along the banks of the North Anna, about a mile above the falls. Hell trip anyone?

  5. corndoggie Says:

    Hell, yeah.

    Got away clean on the raid to Bryan Park — kept looking over my shoulder for the Brain Police, knowing I was an interloper.

  6. corndoggie Says:

    We saw a dude sitting inside Shelter 2 in the semi-darkness carving a spiral walking stick with a large knife. Your buddy?

  7. boatdog Says:

    No. My buddy was a girl, which is also unusual.

  8. corndoggie Says:

    Kind of brooding and gloomy in b+w.

  9. jude3obscured Says:

    When are the azaleas going to bloom?

  10. boatdog Says:

    April. I think the swamp azaleas come out a week or so after the dogwood blossoms.

  11. jude3obscured Says:

    When does the dogwood bloom? I can’t remember no more. Sniff.

    And what the hell are swamp azaleas? Are they reg’lar azaleas that have “volunteered” in the wild?

  12. boatdog Says:

    The Dogwoods usually bloom in early April. As for the swamp Azalea, it occurs in the wild but I’ve been unable to determine whether or not it is a native plant…. Pitchers of it in bloom are here:

  13. jude3obscured Says:

    Oooh — them’s some pretty pitchers. (I mean it.) They look an awful lot like reg’lar azaleas, so they might be volunteers, like you see redbuds blooming along the riverbank. I wonder where azaleas came from originally. I’ll look it up? Tulips originally came from the steppes of Asia. As did lilies.

  14. Sorta Rhododendron like also……..

  15. My sister had the info all along… “Pinxterflower (Rhododendron periclymenoides)” is a native species.

  16. jude3obscured Says:

    Love that it’s native. I like the name, too.

    Seems to me Rhodendron (which is the parent of azalea, or at least a close relative) also shows up a lot in those depictions of the forest primeval etc. Along with ferns, which I guess are one of the earliest plant forms (species) ever. They propagate in a more “primitive” way than by seeds. I forget the fancy scientific name for that, but if someone mentions it, I’ll slap my forehead and go “that’s it.”

    I’m ‘a’ look up that “Pinxterflower” today. I like that name, too.

  17. jude3obscured Says:

    Anything blooming in late March?

  18. Oh yeah, lot’s of stuff is out already. The Forsythia (sp?) and the Jonquils (sp.?) are already popping and I think I saw some Japonica the other day??
    There are those Tulip Magnolia things that come out early. …and the engineered Bradford Pears are early bloomers. With global warming working, maybe the Dogwoods will even show themselves in March.

    …and I think you’re right about the ancient-ness of the Rhodos. Ferns, fer sure, go back at least to the Carboniferous. I was about to go off on this yesterday, but didn’t want to seem too geeky… but, anyways, back then, they tell me that China and Appalachia were in the same land mass, so that, now-a-days, parts of China have very similar speciation to Appalachia… Copperhead-like pit vipers, and many plants are similar:

  19. jude3obscured Says:

    Ooh, that’s a very cool link. As for the China-Appalachia link: bamboo.

  20. corndoggie Says:


  21. boatdog Says:

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