Surgeon Warning


6 Responses to “Surgeon Warning”

  1. ” Star Scientific isolated a compound from nicotine, anatabine, that is a potential Alzheimer’s treatment. After much hype, the 30-year-old neurological research center Roskamp Institute will finally begin human trials with the antabine compound (cleverly named CigRx), and will complete the study after three months.

    To temper expectations, this is just the first step in a long process for any approval of an Alzheimer’s treatment. The study at Roskamp will focus on “inflammation,” and the theory appears to be that if chronic inflammation can be controlled or prevented then there is potential to fight the ravages of Alzheimer’s. Many medical experts suspect chronic inflammation is behind not just Alzheimer’s but also cancer and other serious ailments. Then even if the study is conclusive, there is a long process of refinement and further studies before any FDA approval that brings a cure or treatment to the general public.”

  2. boatdog Says:

  3. uncle B Says:

    Al’s mom loves singing that song when she see’s us.

    The native americans didn’t have a problem with it?

  4. boatdog Says:

    We’ve had this discussion before. It was an interesting thread. I’m tempted to make another animation with it.

  5. “Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! that cigarette”, I can hear her singing it now with that hillbilly twang.

  6. I just wish I could afford the Caveman diet now and Caveman exercise program that would surely bust me up these days.

    I wish alot of things……….

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