Old Tucson


12 Responses to “Old Tucson”

  1. Where are all the old Saabs?

  2. These are dream houses for me.

    Who wants to go to the u s national observatory, that’s my passion at the moment.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    Yeah, they’re cute, all right. And no need to mow grass or rake leaves. But watch out for them scorpions.

  4. boatdog Says:

    I would enjoy going to the nat’l observatory some day. If you’re ever in Charlottesville, you might also enjoy the historic telescope at the McCormick Observatory at U.Va. http://www.astro.virginia.edu/research/observatories/26inch/

    Locally, best of luck, really… The science museum recently decided to discontinue use of the Imax Theater as a planetarium. They have stopped maintaining the Digistar projector and are no longer offering astronomy experiences via the Imax dome. It’s all part of their new adventure in “re-branding.”

  5. I’m halfway through Maury Bio, “Tracks In The Sea”, you would love it. It’s not dry at all and I’m really surprised it hasn’t been made into a screenplay (It’s that good!).

    “The first superintendent was Navy Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury. Maury had the world’s first vulcanized time ball, created to his specifications by Charles Goodyear for the U.S. Observatory. It was the first time ball in the United States, being placed into service in 1845, and the 12th in the world. Maury kept accurate time by the stars and planets. The time ball was dropped every day except Sunday precisely at the astronomically defined moment of Mean Solar Noon, enabling all ships and civilians to know the exact time. By the end of the American Civil War, the Observatory’s clocks were linked via telegraph to ring the alarm bells in all of the Washington, D.C. firehouses three times a day, and by the early 1870s the Observatory’s daily noon time signal was being distributed nationwide via the Western Union Telegraph Company. Time was also “sold” to the railroads and was used in conjunction with railroad chronometers to schedule American rail transport. Early in the 20th century, the Arlington Time Signal broadcast this service to wireless receivers.”

  6. I’m sorry I meant : United States Naval Observatory (USNO)

  7. USNO is the VP abode. Look for the Cheneybunker!

  8. Has Joe Biden turned it into his mancave?

  9. Didn’t know that?

    Maury is a hidden gem of history that I’m sure a lot of people lose focus on over the tragedy of the Civil War. This would be a positive area to promote instead of all these bad feelings continually brought to life during this up coming anniversary. Sure I’m respectful of our cities other monuments and memory of the loss of my personally dead relatives from the era. Military monuments anywhere are going to piss off certain people. The Genghis Khan statue in China that is so HUGE was an SOB from hell.

    I did enjoy the Ed Ayers interview in Style Weekly on the subject and am impressed UR has such a brilliant president.

  10. She must have seen Boatdogs comment?

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