Welcome to Houston..

We’re Archie Bell and the Drells. We got a new dance called The Tighten Up.

I haven’t followed sport since they disbanded the Southwest Conference. I still don’t.


10 Responses to “Welcome to Houston..”

  1. unclebanjo Says:

    Like I follow sports also, but come on our local team coming out of nowhere and the madness on our streets. I bet even Boatdog may be watching???

  2. I’m not from here. I’m from Texas.

    & my daughter-in-law & all her family are Jayhawkers. From the Death Star.

  3. I see no point in dissing RAMpant enthusiasm, no matter where you’re from. I won’t be watching the game, ’cause I’ll be attending to a wedding celebration. But I will probably get caught up in the street meelee, because the wedding party is on Broad Street near Belvedere.

    But if I were home, I still wouldn’t watch for superstitious reasons. I want the RAMS to WIN, and I might jinx the team if I watch.

  4. unclebanjo Says:

    “Edgar Allan Poe thought of himself as a Richmonder, a true southern gentleman; therefore he considered Virginia his home This is not surprising since he grew up mostly in Virginia and worked there as well for some time.”

    Atleast we are appreciated by some.

  5. unclebanjo Says:

    p.s. Kroger has a salsa that has really suprised me! Teqila Tart Lime Flavor for only 2$. Private Section brand…….

  6. boatdog Says:

    I learned when I moved to Sturgeon Bay that the natives don’t like it when you gripe about their home town.

  7. unclebanjo Says:

    For the record : I pine for old mexico (Texas) and Sturgeon Bay sounds cool but not in the winter.

  8. jude3obscured Says:

    What’s the score? As I’ve been telling friends up here (where there’s still $$%%^^&^&&*#@! snow on the ground): “I don’t really care about basketball and I don’t really care about VCU, but all in all, it’s still pretty cool. ” Go Rams.

  9. Glad we got the record straight.

  10. I wasn’t dissing the Rams.. I just don’t like basketball. Curling, now that’s sport.

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