David Blaine

Saw this guy at the Richmond Forum tonight. I always thought this guy was all show-biz, but he seemed really genuine to me. He also came on stage in a 4’x4′ box filled with water. He stayed under the water more than 8 mins. while fish swam around him. Also Janet Martin warmed up the crowd and did the intermission.


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  1. corndoggie Says:

    And it seems he ate a glass. When I got there near the end to load out he was talking while dabbing blood from the side of his mouth with a hankie.

    He was asked what he’d ask Houdini given the chance. “I’d ask what was his biggest regret.”

    “And what is YOUR biggest regret?”

    “Cutting my mouth.”

  2. corndoggie Says:

    He’s also planning to circulate in the Gulf Stream in a bottle. It usually takes six months, but he thinks he might be able to do it in two months by rigging a kite-sail.

  3. Yes – the glass eating was regrettable. After he cut his mouth, it kind of took the air out of his sails. It really showed what a lug of a guy he really is (I liked him immediately). I especially liked it when he talked about his work as performance art, and his closeness to his mother.

  4. We saw an episode of the Simpsons this week where Lisa was a magician, and I think there was a parody of the water tank trick.

  5. corndoggie Says:

    Caught the last few songs of N. Young tonight before 4-manning 77,000 lbs. of gear into a single truck, stacked Testris-style snout to gills tight enough for the bad Brooklyn road leading to the G.W. Bridge (the driver said, “It’s like it’s been under a morter attack!”).

    His solo act is strangely moving — great songs, performed somewhat undertempo, with simple singing and guitar playing, but with a journey into major distortion and masterfully employed feedback. He did a feedback solo at the end of his encore, letting his guitar hang down vertically and waving the body near his his amp setup: four small guitar amps, each with it’s own mic and EQ tuning. This let him play melodically as he moved the guitar from amp to amp. Very cool.

  6. unclebanjo Says:

  7. unclebanjo Says:

    [But if audience reaction is any indicator, many at the Landmark Theater Sunday night would have voted for more old, less new, more “Harvest,” less “Le Noise.”]

    Neil Young is the only one I know of that takes folk music into the
    Avant-garde and does it very well!

    If this idiot writer is right about this audience, I’ll start thinking like Bosco about this town.

  8. Dog in Boat Says:

  9. Dog in Boat Says:

    Can you have it both ways, O3? Praise the avant garde over here, revel in the civil war over there? Richmond is well known for waxing nostalgic. It takes one person to change the light bulb and 20 to sit around talking about how great the old light bulb was. You pretty much have to be from here or have lived here for a long, long time to appreciate the place.

  10. unclebanjo Says:

    Cool words!

    I think that sort of review is used too often and in some case’s saddly true but not with Neil Young unless you didn’t bother to listen cause you couldn’t get “Harvest” out of your brain. I first started noticing this avant garde stuff he was drifting into with his movie scores. I’m sure alot of people understand the music, the review just cause me too BOBITT(he,he!).

  11. unclebanjo Says:

    I meant “bopst”.

  12. Dog in Boat Says:

    All I can say is semi-nude works better.

  13. Boaters and fools Says:

    …except to add that the Neil Young show “selected” for people who could afford at least $70 for a ticket. Maybe to get that kind of disposable income, on average, the avant garde has been effectively washed from one’s brain from years of money grubbing? Just a thought, and if true, I’m sure there are exceptions, but, you know, just sayin.’

  14. unclebanjo Says:

    Oh this is getting GOOD! and Corndoggie your description was excellent, it’s too bad that wasn’t the review in the paper.

  15. Dog in Boat Says:

    Re: Corndog’s description, I just read an article in an old New Yorker yesterday about driving around the NYC waterfront looking for seals (their numbers are on the rise and they can be spotted in the city these days). Anyway, at least half the article was more about all the potholes – their enormous size, frequency and distribution – than it was about the seals. What is the world coming to?

  16. unclebanjo Says:

    “could have used more old, less new”

  17. unclebanjo Says:

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