RIP Grete Waitz

Those of us who used to do L.S.D. – “Long Slow Distance” running back in the day were inspired by the running career of Grete Waitz.


4 Responses to “RIP Grete Waitz”

  1. Looking at the winning times of the Boston Marathon the other day suggests that the days of LSD are over.

  2. unclebanjo Says:

    When is a world record not a world record? When it’s run at the Boston Marathon. For record purposes, Boston doesn’t count because it’s a point-to-point course. Never mind that it’s 26.2 miles, for a record to absolutely count it has to be run on a loop course.

    Even though it’s considered one of the most challenging marathon courses in the world, the Boston Marathon is run on a net downhill, making it ineligible for world records. USA Track and Field only recognizes courses that meet specific criteria about elevation changes as record-eligible. Those courses must drop less than one meter per kilometer to fit the standard. For a 26.2-mile race, that’s about 137 feet.

    A tailwind accompanied the race and doubtlessly aided in Mutai’s time, but the wind was irrelevant given the start-to-finish elevation decrease. Even if Mutai had run the course in a hurricane headwind, the world record still wouldn’t have counted.

  3. Gary Sange used to have a race in Walkerton called the “Walkerton Downhill, Mostly, Slightly,” which it was a 10K that was fast because of the downhill grade for most of the course. My best 10K ever was in Norfolk for a time of 39:59. …and it’s been all downhill, mostly, slightly, ever since.

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