Return of the Prodigal Son

Welly, Welly, Welly me droogies. Methinks I owe an appy polly loggy for me baddiwad but you see me brothers I was sabbat while the charlies did a bit of the old in and out on me gulliver plus I felt my sarky in regards to me bratty could go all poogly. But now I’m cured of that chepooka ya might say. My jeezny is real horrorshow now and I’m fit to rejoin the gruppa, a real fine stand up citizen ya might say. No more synthemesc for this malchick.


17 Responses to “Return of the Prodigal Son”

  1. Dog in Boat Says:

    Whoa, go away for a couple of hours and looky what happens! Good ta’ see ya’ Roto Bra.

  2. corndoggie Says:

    Cool portrait.

  3. rotobra Says:

    I wish I could say that it’s a self portrait but it was taken three days ago by my associate photographer, Elena. She is also my “Photoshop Guru” and she reduced the length of the shadow from my fingers and brightened my eye catchlights. We did a fanastic session of a 1940’s style pinup model on Sun. I will post some of my shots from this session in a day or two. It’s good to be back.

  4. unclebanjo Says:

    You have lost the puffy ness from living the high life but I’m not going to preach to you about what to do to stay this handsome. You have been sorely missed around here and one of the few that have forgiven the source of the so many other departures from the Muse, with out a care or addressing or trying to rectify.

    The only reason I’m still here is for my respect for BigK but the loss of what this blog could have been is sad and angers me.

  5. Yes indeed we are glad to have you back. And with your influence we might be able to regain some of those that have fallen by the wayside. I will look forward to the return of Ribaldry to the Muse. Rancor and Rank Nonsense we got.

  6. unclebanjo Says:

    Looking forward to pinup model since our local flowershop lady is one and is also married to the drummer in GWAR. Some great photos of her with him in GWAR outfit.

    Life is more than belly dancers and big titted bar babes, just sayin’.

  7. Dog in Boat Says:

    I can only think of two who have fallen by the wayside, or been shoved, depending on your perspective. Just sayin’. …or is my memory failing me? But then, I guess two is about 25% of a full load around here. It seems like the more we adhere to the three R’s in the credo, the more people get their knickers in a twist. Odd.

  8. unclebanjo Says:

    Roto looks really healthy, something really cheerfull with this almost becoming the daily obituary this past year. Losing the more talented and least arrogant Musers with out a care is tragic. Maybe I don’t fit here either. I know you at least tried.

    Oh, and “Richmond just doesn’t get it!” so I keep hearing.

  9. Dog in Boat Says:

    I’ve been trying to fit in all my life…. It hasn’t worked yet. It’s the (perceived) drama of it all that I don’t get. As much as I appreciate the muse, it’s hard for me to think of anything here as “tragic” in the greater context of the overall struggle of survival and stuff, see. But, then I’m sensitive to the weight of words. But I know you probably are “just sayin” and maybe over-emphasizing your point a bit.

    Meanwhile, it is Cinco de Mayo, which, in my day, we would’ve all been drinking heavily in your back yard tonight. So, everyone, please celebrate in safety in your respective corporeal spaces and I’ll catch you later. I have four bottles of tequila in the freezer and expect I’ll make it through the evening just fine.

  10. unclebanjo Says:

    p.s. I’m down to 185 lbs. , I haven’t been so lite since I was 25. Everybody should go through some trauma to get more healthy or maybe I got cancer just don’t know yet.

    Guess I’ll go turtle before I bum you out?

  11. unclebanjo Says:

    I may have to stop by to watch you do a shot atleast and I’ve been nagging BigK to stop by your place for a nip for me on today. I was really impressed he bought you our favorite for your birthday. He thought it would be gone as if it would have been at my house in the olden days. I told him you drank below moderation most of the time.

  12. unclebanjo Says:

  13. Dog in Boat Says:

    p.s. I’m holding at 230 lbs, and occasionally fool myself into thinking it doesn’t look too bad when stretched over a 6′ 5″ frame. But, then, being delusional may be a factor of aging. As far as tonight goes, come on by… I just found out my wife is going out dancing tonight with another man. He runs about 260lbs on a 5’5″ frame, so I’m not too worried (but he has a lot more money than I do, uh oh).

    I had at first planned to spend the evening watching the first couple of episodes of “Treme” with the spouse tonight, but now that plan is kaput, so I’ll probably start drinking around 8. Don’t force me to drink alone, or I might be crying with my pecker in my hand by 10.

  14. Dog in Boat Says:

    BTW… interesting that this has turned into a weight watchers forum. We should start a TV show like “The View,” only stupider.

  15. We could call it “The Spew”

  16. Fatt Dad said he weighed “Chinese Dentist” Tooth-Hurty

  17. jude3obscured Says:

    I gained 10 pounds when I showed up in Richmond last summer. But I’m still, you know, fresh as a daisy.

    Welcome back, Ro-toe. We missed you. I’m trying not to let me income-generating activity keep me from the Muse as much, as well.

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