Pin-ups and Panos

While we’re on the subject of pin-ups and panos, I came across this post today on one of the blogs I follow:

This is a commercial blog by one of my print media suppliers, but it seemed sort of appropriate, especially to demonstrate the way panographers can win awards and make money by entering contests and exhibiting their work in galleries and such.


17 Responses to “Pin-ups and Panos”

  1. boatdog Says:

    …and since I still have trouble getting links to work in the main post, here it is again:

    p.s. KB, thanks for the link to blog help you’ve provided, but for some of us, there really is no help.

  2. unclebanjo Says:

  3. unclebanjo Says:

    wrong again, had to pick up some bamboo for gourdhead today from dundee and I got a piece to cure :

  4. unclebanjo Says:

  5. At least the intent of this post was clear to me, and we can rest assured that there is going to be spare little chance of similar opportunities within the world of creeping raspberry plants or bamboo bicycles.

  6. unclebanjo Says:

    Yeah, I to;d you I don’t fit. Hey here is a new video I shot last night :

  7. boatdog Says:

    Big titted bard babes*, belly dancers, kerosene pom poms*, punk pop torch bearers*, and now…. tittie bar DJ/announcers at art shows! I think maybe life is not more than this. Keep up the good work on your tours with Gourdboy and who gives a crap about awards and art galleries – some VCU journalism student will eventually discover you guys and write a book about Richmond’s Vivant Illuminati Panographers*.

    *future band names copyright Boatdog, 2011.

  8. boatdog Says:

    “Panoramist” or “Panographer”? A Google search for each term reveals the following:

    Panoramist: Link #9 on Google takes you to the O3 archive and a picture of Boatdog.

    Panographer: Link #8 on Google takes to you The Daily Muse and a post by Corndoggie.

    We may not be in art galleries but we are creeping into the lexicon.

  9. unclebanjo Says:

    Just discovered RVAlution and thought I saw #1 son in some of these videos on this youtube site (The Hat Factory?).

  10. unclebanjo Says:

    You could have hung with crowd (love it) and we know who would have been the fire dancer in the family, I bettcha Weezie has talent of some-sort too……..

  11. Boat Doggie Says:

    Yes, I’ve made that scene before. You should’ve been there for “Disrobed 2” when our buddy Dora participated.

  12. unclebanjo Says:

    Missed out on the Naked part (seen enough naked, besides would rather see naked in nature not in a crowd on display) and opted for the fire performers, which were wonderful.

  13. boatdog Says:

    Who said anything about PORN (ref: the video)?

    In a non-cynical, non-controversial, non-snarky way, may I say that I can’t fathom how the fascination with belly dancing and burlesque works in with the snub of a display of artful nudity, especially given that that you didn’t even see the show?

  14. unclebanjo Says:

    Was surfing the web looking at the youth of todays trends. Saw a VCU students photo of this band the Sleigh Bells and this video edit without getting XXX of Blue movies of the 70’s and 80’s I thought was a clever edit.
    I didn’t snub the show. Might have been interesting, Gourdhead even called to see what you had to do to photograph, which is for a select few. Just not my thing. Surprising, hay…

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