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Navigating somewhere far afield of the three “R’s” of the Daily Muse here: This week’s New Yorker contains an article about a WordPress Blog called “The Pioneer Woman.” The content of the blog is not my cup of tea, but the story behind the blog and it’s author is of interest, I think, to anybody spending any time doing this stuff. The fact that this blog gets 20,000 hits per day and the author grosses over a million bucks a year in blog revenue is attention getting, but, even if you don’t aspire to that, there are maybe some good things to be learned by looking at this:

The New Yorker article mentions that The Pioneer Woman contains “no serious conflict, no controversy, no cynicism, no snark.” Well, what fun is THAT, you might ask, but then look at all the times a tad bit too much snark on the Muse creates a ton of turtles. There are a lot of helpful resources on this site, including freely offered photoshop tips and cooking classes. I’m thinking the O3 archive could add some cooking lessons for it’s worldwide audience. I’d do it on my blog, but I can’t cook.

There are also some helpful guidelines here: I need to be better about item #2, and some others here should maybe be thinking about item #8. Just sayin’.

Anyway, this is like looking into another world and the content of this blog can be creepy for it’s overblown wholesomeness. But, did I mention … a million bucks a year?


17 Responses to “The Pioneer Woman – News to Me”

  1. Really nice blog. Something for everyone. Not a spec of cynicism. This was one of my favorites –

  2. So is the revenue stream coming from the one ad location in the right-hand margin? I didn’t see any other ads.

  3. boatdog Says:

    It’s subtle… there’s a lot of product placement going on and she makes a lot of direct reference to brand name gear in her posts. The New Yorker article author mentioned that it was really difficult to get any information out of her about revenue or the sources of it. They finally got her to admit that she made “a strong million” a year from the blog, not counting her book sales or other related revenue. You really have to hunt around for the ads – they seem to just be embedded in what she writes about. Her photo pages reference a lot of gear. There’s also stuff like this:

    BTW, when I first saw this blog I wondered if you had modeled yours after it.

  4. Now I can see beyond the trees to the forest. She’s basically creating ads with her individual posts. It’s like if I posted a song and wrote “The Boss XYZ effects pedal really powered this song”, or a photo and wrote “I couldn’t have done it without the Canon dofloppy lens.”
    I’m guessing she goes to the brand managers with a pitch documenting her traffic, and for the brand manager it’s the same as choosing any other media placement. It’s just like making ad insertion decisions based on viewership volume and demographics documented in a print magazine’s Media Kit.
    Nope never saw this blog before, but thanks for the benchmark. Mine is like a Model T – or more like a stone wheel – compared to hers.

  5. boatdog Says:

    Yeah. It’s kind of like the way the muse makes money by advertising the spandex underwear we wear when we write our blog posts. I personally like the John Sievers Natural Pouch Boxer Briefs in pink. Hopefully my check will be in the mail soon.,4187.html?track=nextag&utm_source=nextagsite&utm_medium=feed

  6. corndoggie Says:

    $-making and product placement in YouTube videos:

  7. boatdog Says:

    Heh, heh, heh… I thought my last comment might get Corndoggie to pop his head out of his shell.

    As far as making money on YouTube goes, I was expecting big returns from Sploogebob, but am still waiting for the checks to start rolling in.

  8. boatdog Says:

  9. boatdog Says:

    With respect to the Pioneer Woman’s rule of good blogging #8, I’ve just noticed that the word “nonsense” is mis-spelled on our otherwise glorious masthead. Just sayin’.

  10. Look at Eating Richmond, the local food blog aggregator.. Full of smarmy Pie-in-ear Woman Wannbees. These folks go to conferences about this to network in an AMWAYish mode. Be afraid.

    Some R 2 kewt 4 wurdz. Ikkk.


  11. Otway could go on for volumes about his ailments. This woman does..

  12. boatdog Says:

    MMMMMMMmmmmmmm… Google Ad Sense! Pop up ads on my blog! Sounds perfect. This morning, I have a phone interview scheduled with producers of the “World’s Greatest” TV show. They contacted me a few days ago saying they were interested in featuring my company on their show. I said OK to the interview. Then, skeptical, but with un-avoidable background visions of sugar plums and stuff, I watched a sample episode of this show, which appears to be a cross between entertainment Tonight and an big fat infomercial. At this point, my sugar plum visions have over-ripened and are fermenting. At first I was expecting to be the next “American Chopper,” but now I’m fully expecting them to ask me for money to be on their show. More later.

  13. boatdog Says:

    ….a bit later in the morning…. As I expected, the “World’s Greatest” franchise wanted a $9,700 “affilliation fee” for my company to be featured on their cheesy show. I will continue to use TheDailyMuse as my economic engine.

  14. boatdog Says:

    Katie Couric was on TV tonight plugging her new book. She said it was “totally snark free.” It reminded me of this discussion and of the time in which we be livin’.

    As for me, the words of Patrick Henry come to mind: “Give me at least a wee bit of sarcasm, jokes at others’ expense, and general good old (person) camaraderie, or give me irritable bowel syndrome.”

    As I understand it he said these words at a local bar while ringing a bell and tying to warn the British about avoiding credit default swaps.

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