5-Month countdown to The End starts today

E. Flock charted H. Camping’s calculations. A. Petri uses alternate numbers such as “Jesus = #1”.

This sort of biblical arithmetic is not new: William Miller calculated 1843, then 1844, leading to “The Great Disappointment” and the spinning off of Adventism and other sects.


3 Responses to “5-Month countdown to The End starts today”

  1. Dog in Boat Says:

    Yeah, apparently there were a lot of self appointed prophets running around in the mid 19th century. Let’s not forget Joseph Smith finding golden plates, buried by ancient Christian Native Americans, that were inscribed with the book of Mormon. …Oh yeah, and he was able to read them because he also found some magic stones that worked as decoders. Noby has ever seen the plates or the stones of course, but that’s why they call it “faith.”

  2. unclebanjo Says:

    On a more possitive note I heard a new D. in the Box was slated for SNL tonight.

    When War and Doom exist with religion mankind seems out of touch with superstitions amok.

    Peace, Love, and Ecolgy……..

  3. Dog in Boat Says:

    O3, not on topic but… I did the Hell trip by myself today and shot 26.4 gigabytes of images. ..also caught 25 smallmouth. Just sayin’

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