Local Boys

Really liked these portraits BigK’s brother-in-law took of the lads.

I realized I had pushed this too far just because I could, that’s what we seem to do around here. The straight graphic one above now I hope they enjoy. They look like British youth to me.


3 Responses to “Local Boys”

  1. Thanks for the post OT – No. 2 son will be attending Randolph Macon in the Fall and we are sorry that he won’t be able to take his history classes with Dr Bud. No. 1 son is back in NY and on the verge of greatness. My bride and I will celebrating 25 years on wednesday. Who’d a thunk it!

  2. Dog in Boat Says:

    Congrats on 25 tears, I mean years, a coupla’ nice looking young mean, I mean men, and the verge of greatness. The penultimate moment is when we are most happy. My accountant went to Randolph Macon and used to keep a fetus in a jar in his dorm room, but that’s another story.

  3. push it father Says:

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