Yesterday, astronomers unveiled the most complete 3-D map of the local universe ever created.


“Local” being 380 million light years. After that, you’re talking a little bit of schlep.


20 Responses to “Yesterday, astronomers unveiled the most complete 3-D map of the local universe ever created.”

  1. Pablo Picnosso Says:

    This picture proves that God (if there is one) is more akin to Jackson Pollack than Michelangelo. Just sayin’. Maybe most of this intergalactic stuff no longer exists ’cause 380 million years is kind of a long time. I wonder if some aliens are out there with radio telescopes watching re-runs of “I Love Lucy”. Wouldn’t that give them a weird concept of the human race? “I can ‘splain evythin’ “. What if intelligent life in space takes the form of huge gaseous blobs? Oh wait, that’s Roto Bro!

  2. rotobra Says:

    Pablo Pissoffso thinks he can hide behind his silly screen name but I know who he is and he ain’t no Brad Pitt. Just saying.

  3. boatdog Says:

    OK, I’m fine up to 380 million. After that, I gets to feeling a little inflation. …and you don’t want be messin’ with my background radiation.

  4. Who really cares that we ain’t no Spring Chickens anymore, at least we know we got the right stuff.

    WORDPRESS has seemed to have changed when posting. I had some problems figuring out today. Notice Judes picture doesn’t enlarge, that is a major pet peeve for me.

  5. The BIG picture from Harvard :

  6. boatdog Says:

    Fave thing I’ve seen come out of Harvard in a while is this:

  7. rotobra Says:

    I used to have a pet peeve but it ran off with some grudges I was holding. Harvard’s fave thing to come out of there was Corndoggie.

  8. jude3obscured Says:

    I see a Lady Gaga video in this …

  9. uncle O Says:

    Here’s a cool universe, Boatdogs backyard featured on Petey C’s website :

  10. uncle O Says:

  11. corndoggie Says:

    Who the heck is Pablo? Is that Uncle Pablo?

    Quite a surprise to see Jorge playing conga to “Soldier’s Joy!

    Cool map, but I’m partial to the radio-astonomical one from Harvard-Smithsonian a dozen years ago showing The Whole Enchilada with clumps resulting from quantum fluctuations in the Big Bong, I mean Bang.

  12. Blowfish Says:

    You’re talking about the cosmic microwave background, and I thought I told y’all not to mess wit it!

    BTW, Corndoggie, check your email.

  13. Pablo de O no Says:

    Not my wit, pretty funny til it gets to mean.

  14. Pablo de O no Says:

    double O (too), 2 – O, Jeez more MadCow and I’m trying to go Turtle.

  15. Pablo de O no Says:

    p.s. Gourdhead mentioned this to me that may be some interest here :

  16. Pablo de O no Says:

  17. rotobra Says:

    If this is the same Caryl I dated her for awhile. I gave her a bicycle I found at a yard sale. It was a lady’s bike from the 50’s complete with fenders, woven basket and thumb bell. When I gave it to her one of my rival suiters rode up on a road bike and sneered, “That old thing only has one speed and coaster brakes.” She told me she loved it and promptly dumped me. Is she a well known artist now?

  18. Pablo de O no Says:

    YEp, and her husband is a great guy also and professional photographer too. I also think he was good friends with Ralph Harper during the punk faze. He now plays drums in a honky tonk band.

  19. Pablo de O no Says:

  20. When you come through Essex torormow look on the White Elephant porch for the wooden boxes they’re selling. From a distance they look to me like Martha’s–nfm

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