Cave: “Cave Crickets” (2011)

(gourdboy, guitar; corndoggie, “violin”; boatdog, brainy bass)

Multiple choice poll:

A) This is better than it sounds.
B) This sounds better than it is.
C) This made me feel like the top of my head was coming off.
D) This made me want to puke.
E) None of the above.
F) All of the above.


15 Responses to “Cave: “Cave Crickets” (2011)”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    For all you catchlight counters out there, check out Weezie’s EYEBALLS.

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. corndoggie Says:

    Me, too.

  4. boatdog Says:

    This made me feel like the bottom of my butt was falling off, but I liked it.

  5. Uncle E Says:


  6. Found a Spanish duo that has been around for a while that are FUN. Is this too hot for the Muse or what???

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You know what Azucar means, right?

  8. (C) Si!

  9. unclebanjo Says:

    Sure does look like how he paints???

  10. boatdog Says:

    …all part of the secret life.

  11. When do you get a theremin?


  12. uncleBANJO Says:

  13. uncleBANJO Says:

  14. uncleBANJO Says:

    I want one for xmas!

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