Camp Out East in 2 Days

I haven’t gotten nervous about it yet. I’ll be making whatever field recordings I can manage. Wish I could get the RVA documentary crew up there. Let me know if I can do anything to help with that. Really.


18 Responses to “Camp Out East in 2 Days”

  1. Maybe not Woodstock but it does look campy. We all wish you well it looks like fun so relax and enjoy! I’m missing the mountains so I’d be there if possible. I’m still completing a project that has me shooting at the Vegan Festival.
    , Va. Beach,etc.

  2. boatdog Says:


  3. boatdog Says:

    Pre festival radio show on WNRN this morning at 10AM:

  4. I can’t make it to the vegetarian festival in Bryan Park this weekend, so I am temporarily suspending my exclusive license to the making of panoramic photography there until Sunday afternoon. Pano party!

  5. Uncle Tripod Says:

    Dang, I missed the radio show while I was getting a trim at Great Clips. Did you find the dollar store tripods???

  6. Uncle Tripod Says:

  7. “From Wood to Singing Guitar” : Do you have this whole film???

  8. That’s cool… haven’t seen it before. I like seeing his binding routing technique.

    (guitar geek alert):

    I just rigged the Henderson with a special endpin jack so I can play it at CampOut East Saturday. Usually you have to drill out the end pin hole to install a jack, which makes an irreversible alteration to the instrument. I had an idea for buiding my own jack, tapered to fit the existing hole. I thought it was an inspired invention. But then found that somebody had scooped me, so I just bought theirs and saved myself a lot of work:

  9. I had all that bit-torrent stuff down pat two years ago and have forgotten most of it. It can all be done with free software. Most of the torrents comes in as “.flac” files, which can be converted to .wav files with a free “flac decoder.” There’s another file type also, that requires another decoder. I guess this is a video file so the filetypes may be different.

    The problems I had with it were:

    1. The whole idea of letting my computer be on this file sharing network.
    2. The whole thing of suddenly having terabits of files to process that I never really got around to listening to anyway. But I do have a ton of live shows from 2 years ago.

  10. Maybe BigK can get this since his job is to know everything out there and I also can’t make my links live on the page now with the wordpress changes ( and yes they did make posting harder).

  11. boatdog Says:

    BTW, just got back from the local Super Dollar store. No tripods. Get me two next time you see them and I’ll pay you double what they cost you!

    However, I did come out of there with a killer miniature screwdriver set and two automatic lamp timers. The timers keep the aquarium light and the attic fan cycling on and off at the right times.

  12. Got my eyes peeled, this is the first video I’ve seen so far :

  13. still waiting for MAG-BATS???

  14. I had two people filming, one with an art degree and the other with a degree in film making. Between the two of them I didn’t get 10 seconds of video that was in focus, which kind of took the wind out of my uploading sails. Plus it’s been hectic this week. I do have audio, but am not sure of the current status of posting audio tracks. Maybe when I get a breather this weekend. Cheers!

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