Cave: “Female Invasion 2” (2011) with guest vocalist Weezie

The original “Female Invasion” is here.


4 Responses to “Cave: “Female Invasion 2” (2011) with guest vocalist Weezie”

  1. boatdog Says:

    For all you catchlight counters out there, check out Weezie’s EYEBALLS.

  2. boatdog Says:

    …and I just happened to be listening to a Power Cave song called “Cat Nip” when this popped up on the screen.

  3. rotobra Says:

    I like the instrumentation (is that the right word?) on this “Power Cave” (copyright) song. Weezie has good timing and synchopation (is that the right word?) but her voice is somewhat lacking in modulation (is that the right word?) and range. All in all, her bark is better than her bite. It does seem that all “Power Cave” (copyright) songs with lyrics by Corndoggie are rooted and spring from where his root springs from making them rather “Phallocentric” as it were, er, if you will, uh, so to speak or in a manner of saying. Just sayin’.

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