Awaiting the Graduates

Yesterday no. 2 son graduated from Douglas Freeman High. We again are very proud.


5 Responses to “Awaiting the Graduates”

  1. boatdog Says:

    The world is a carousel of color.

  2. Congrats to #2 son. That looks like a fancier gym than the one they had when I went to Freeman. Do they still have “Dixie” as their school song and fly the “Stars and Bars”? We hippies used to walk out in solidarity with the black kids when they closed the pep rallies (attendance mandatory) with Dixie. At first the teachers would lock arms forming a cordon to prevent us from this form of protest but they soon gave up. I found Freeman repressive and mind numbing so I dropped out of there and started “auditing” at The Open High. It turned out to be not so “open” to me because I interviewed for the first year they started and was not selected. This was especially galling because Open High decided that my Neanderthal friend Ricky F. was a good candidate for this grand experiment in Richmond education. I think I was not selected because in the space on the application that said “Race” I marked “human”.
    Clever but since they had racial quotas I screwed myself. Tommy B. got in so I just started attending class with him. I had a car so it was a mutually beneficial relationship. Every now and then the teachers would ask me who I was since they had no record of me. I would tell them that it was just a temporary mix up and go on. This worked well for a good long while but eventually I was called in to the counselors office and the jig was up. When I told her that I had dropped out of Freeman, was not excepted to Open High but just decided to go anyway she just stared at me for what seemed like a long time, silent. Then she said something like, “Well, I guess that’s just the sort of spirit we are looking for at Open High.” I was in, and officially now. Alas, even classes like “Cosmic Awareness” and “Real Sex Education” couldn’t keep me in the classroom because I succumbed to the siren call of Key West where I later got my GED from Key West HS making me an alum of “The Home of the Fighting Conchs” But those stories will have to wait for another day.

  3. I also felt that Freeman was oppressive and not really supportive. Chris did split his day between Freeman and the Center for the Arts at Henrico High where he focused on theatre – very cool.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So that’s how you got into Open High. I had sibling preference.

  5. jude3obscured Says:

    Oh, and congrats, KB. I’ve got three years to go. (and have to have a discussion about the C in algebra).

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