Ginger in Deep Ellum

Although perhaps not as sexy as the last shot posted by Corndoggie to some of his like minded fellow musers, (Heaaay), I thought some others might enjoy this shot taken around midnight last eve of my favorite pin-up girl Ginger. We garnered much unwanted attention from cab drivers and horny dudes snapping away with their cell phone cameras. I’ll post more of these later.


5 Responses to “Ginger in Deep Ellum”

  1. NICE! I think more women should wear stovetop hats. I’ve also got enough cool flowers in the yard for a hair garden shot. Just don’t have any interesting Muse’s in the neighborhood and my other young friends keep too busy.

    I always enjoy your information on light and am presently seriously dabbling in incandescent light. My florescent experiment didn’t work although I see they are selling the kits now with the Al Gore bulbs.

  2. This shot was created with the existing light (just a light in the ceiling) but we just let this bounce up using a silver reflector held low and flat over to the left. A flash (particularly a harsh on camera flash) might not have been very good.
    Most digital cameras these days will let you “white balance” for whatever lightsource available. Also a program like Adobe Lightroom can fix almost anything. Those kits usually come with a softbox and the bulbs are supposed to be similar color temperature to daylight. Without the “flash factor” you really can “get what you see”. The new better digital cameras eliminate almost all “noise” (what we used to call “grain”) that you can get at very high ISO’s so the new “hot lights” (they really aren’t very hot) like the Spyder Lights are a good economical choice for photographers. Later on during this latest shoot with Ginger, we used a small video light mounted on a hand held boom and this also worked great.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    It’s raining dames. Lovely photo, great light.

  4. jude3obscured Says:

    Who is this chick, anyway?

  5. Who is this chick anyway? For the low down on Ginger, or whatever her real name was, see Roto Bro Photographer/Private Eye….The Case of The Merry Widow

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