Lucy was our next door neighbor at Campout East.


7 Responses to “Lucy”

  1. boatdog Says:

    Lucy will not be happy about being chopped liver.

  2. I only have eyes for Wheezie……….

  3. But if you fed Lucy some chopped liver I bet you she’d be happy.

  4. Ever though I hate it when O3 posts videos off topic… did I say hate… I really liked the Midnight in Paris movie. Classic Woody Allen in the making.

  5. Snubbed on the phone this weekend, now this. I get the message. I guess I know how Lucy feels now.

  6. Dog in Boat Says:

    Easy now…. Time to rise above, again, everybody. Think positive thoughts!

  7. corndoggie Says:

    But we need a certain quotient of rancor to complement the “nonsence” (sic).

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