What do you call a guitar player without a girlfriend?


4 Responses to “What do you call a guitar player without a girlfriend?”

  1. rotobra Says:

    Uh, delivering pizzas? A real lonely plucker? One who didn’t get picked? A homo with a Dobro? A sad serenader? An open chord? A bummer strummer? A guy with no strings attached? OK, i give up. What DO you call a guitar player with no girlfriend? BTW, did anyone read my brief comment on “Ginger in Deep Ellum”?

  2. boatdog Says:

    “homeless.” ..and I loved the first two paragraphs of your pulp novel so much that I decided to wait to finish it when I can devote my full attention. It looks like it will be a great read. Definitely not chopped liver.

  3. If writing the description of Ginger is obtained by getting a Key West GED, that’s awesome.

    WDL! and post more Ginger photos

  4. rotobra Says:

    I got the GED so I could attend Florida Keys Community College in an effort to get some monthly checks from the VA and Social Security. It worked. I took commercial art at FKCC. The art department was a large steel barge anchored in the college lagoon that had been purchased as surplus from the US Navy who had used it as a “brig” or jail. My selection of female fellow students was comprised of a few hippy chicks who still thought it was the sixties, (far out, man), elderly retirees who wanted to pass the time by learning to paint, ( you should have seen how they reacted to “life drawing” class when we had a fit young male model) and US Navy personell (82% butch carpet munchers). I figured I could do better at The University of Arizona (I did) so I transferred there and got my BFA in record time because I had to go to summer school to keep the checks rolling in. I don’t think much of this higher education gave me a knack for cranking out soft core pulp fiction though.
    More Ginger photo’s on the way.

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