Frisbee 1977


20 Responses to “Frisbee 1977”

  1. Dog in Boat Says:

    I’m told there will be naked frisbee tonight on the median of Monument Ave in honor of the solstice.

  2. corndoggie Says:

    I don’t know if I’d want to try this jumping catch without some support…

  3. I’m trying figure out the location – southside?

  4. rotobra Says:

    You could waterski with those size 13 AAA width converse. What a cute little prance. I thought I was the only one who celebrated the summer soltice with naked frisbee. Could someone post a few shots of the event on Monument Ave?

  5. corndoggie Says:

    Brookline, MA.

  6. I should post a video for the snubbing but :

    Around 7:30 p.m. on June 13, local photographer Arthur Stephens was on Belle Isle taking sunset shots of the river with a buddy, Otway Chalkley. He saw a couple in the water nearby, a man and woman holding each other tightly.

    Stephens thought they were having a romantic moment. Then he saw the woman’s terrified face. “Right away, I knew,” he says.

    Friends of the couple ran up and pulled the woman out. The man tried to brace his feet against rocks, but he was being swept into the rapids. The photographers joined the rescue effort. “It took several tries to get him,” Stephens says. “His body kept twisting around.”

    Finally, they were able to haul the man out. Both people were bruised and battered. “You saved our lives,” the woman told Stephens. She said they simply got swept up in the current and pulled downriver.

    The water was just over 4 feet at the Westham Gauge.

  7. and it wasn’t sunset shots. I had taken TAS to river specifically to shoot this picture. Man am I chopped liver and TAS is the Hero. Who said life was fair. Oh well at least these kids survived………

  8. corndoggie Says:

    Cheers for both heros.

    Nice pano. I myself would clone out the graffiti, even if it made me a crass faker.

  9. jude3obscured Says:

    Hey Uncle,

    That’s some beautiful pano. And if you hadn’t taken TAS down there to begin with, he wouldn’a hadda chance to be a hero. As Miltie said, “They also serve” etc. (and I’m not referring to Milton Berle. A silver dollar to the one who can i.d. source of quote.)

  10. rotobra Says:

    “They also serve who only stand and wait.” John Milton

    “They also serve who stand around with their thumbs up their butts while others risk their own lives to save others.” Roto Bro

    Just kidding Uncle Banjo, at least if the couple had drowned you would have gotten a great shot of their floating bodies to serve as a warning to other river rats and that ain’t chopped liver.

  11. I didn’t take one picture of this turn of events or interested in photographing people being foolish around class 5 rapids. What Arthur didn’t mentioned is the girl had said after, “you saved our life”, was, “we really hadn’t drank that much.”
    I’d rather be smart than a dead hero.

    We have been at war for no reason for a decade by waving the flag and telling these poor saps they are heroes. If there was a draft and these smart college kids had to go. we would have the 60’s back real quick. Our country is hip to this so the abuse of the empire continues.

  12. jude3obscured Says:

    First, Roto:
    a) Give that man one silver dollar! You’re so (sigh) literate …
    b) Your second quote was mean. I know, rancid ribald rancor is the order of the day, but I’m the girl here, so I’ll call you out on stuff like that.

    Unkie Banjo:
    You win the Non Sequitur prize of the day.
    a) Can’t argue the first point; I wasn’t there.
    b) Couldn’t agree with you more. Spot on.

  13. Aunt Jude: “That was a real mean thing you said to your Uncle Banjo, I think you hurt his feelings. Now you march right over there and tell him you’re sorry.”
    Roto Bro: “OoohTaay. Uncle Banjo?” (sniff) “I, uh, I’m real, real sorry for what I said, I mean I said I was kidding, right?”
    Uncle Banjo: “That’s alright Roto Bro, I understand. I know you sometimes just push the post comment button before you think how your comments might hurt others.”
    Roto Bro: “Thanks Uncle Banjo, thanks Aunt Jude.”
    Aunt Jude: “Good boy. Now run along and go write a poem or something. And try to play nice.”

  14. There are other fish to fry than “DEATH ON THE RIVER”, I wish I could save the earth. Seeing that Woody Allen film this week is still in my bones. How many movies can you say that about. I see the new TRANSFORMERS movie is having a big fanfare this week and I have seen the first ones and remember absolutely nothing about them. As long as Roto Bro keeps writing I’m content, always liked the hare over the turtle.

  15. jude3obscured Says:

    I calls ’em like I sees ’em, baby. I’d say something free-associative, nonsenical and mildly off-color now, but I have my reputation to think of.

    Now I’m going to flounce off. I’d like to see you do that, Roto. So would the other Musers, I bet.

  16. rotobra Says:

    The next time I flounce off I’ll post a video. Actually, I was trying to cut down on the flouncing because I heard it would make me go blind so I’m just going to do it ’till I need glasses. I’m trying to think of something free associative, nonsensical and mildly off color to say now, I think my reputation is already shot.
    Flirty girls in fluffy dresses flitting to and fro
    I try to be amusing so that they think I’m droll
    They turn up their pretty noses and flounce off as they go
    instead of finding me amusing they find that I’m a troll.

  17. boatdog Says:

    nice comeback, Roto

  18. jude3obscured Says:

    I’m flouncing to beat the band.

  19. corndoggie Says:

    “Walk this way…” (flounce, flounce)

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