Deep Ellum Shoot

Here is Heidi’s daughter Hannah and her friend Tory being photographed by one of our student photographers in Deep Ellum around midnight. The young wannabe models had a blast. It was real dark in this area but for a few mercury vapor streetlights so I shot at around 800ISO which revealed the graffiti mural. It dawned on me that if you get several photographers together with tripods and models you can go anywhere, anytime without being questioned by the authorities.


2 Responses to “Deep Ellum Shoot”

  1. boatdog Says:

    You can also show up in a Nash Metropolitan. I remember a guy I knew used to have one of those and said it also helped with the keeping away of the authorities thing.

  2. I still have a 1956 Nash Metropolitan two toned convertable. ( Not the first one you knew, that was a 1960 Nash Metropolitan two toned convertable.) It has an inspection sticker and tags last updated during the Reagan administration but the cops just smile and wave like I’m Zippy the Pinhead in a frigging parade.

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