Work In Progress

Some liver for the chopping: The welding shop is cranked up this week for a project to be installed at Roto’s elementary alma mater this weekend and I had some of the pieces out in the yard for some progress photos which I’m not posting to glorify my own work so much as to note the incredible Otway sky that happened to be happening at the time. Got to run on now… deadlines.


6 Responses to “Work In Progress”

  1. WDL!!! Brancusi like yet not Brancusi. The way it is shot looks monumental.

    p.s. also a Claes Oldenburg mention………

  2. boatdog Says:

    Refurbished bar stool courtesy O3 Furniture Restoration. I think? Or maybe it just reminds me of one by O3. Getting old.

  3. …because…

  4. An interesting piece. It seems a little like a female figure? Shades of Naum Gabo? Which elementary alma mata, Mary Mudhole or William Fox? Is this a permanent installation?

  5. jude3obscured Says:

    Oh, that is some fine, FINE, welding and art creation. I’d love to see it up close. Love the sleek, mo-derne lines. (And be you were thinking of the Russian Constructivists, Roto? Was Gabo one of them? I can’t remember no more.)

  6. jude3obscured Says:

    And forgot to say: AND a lovely sky. I also really loved the river pano when O3 was the assistant hero. (assistant — but essential.)

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