For Uncle B.

Although this is not a good shot, it does show how we used the cheap video light on the pole while teaching students on “photo safari” in Deep Ellum. It’s easy to aim on the boom to give us the desired lighting and an interesting shadow. I thought Uncle B. might like another photo tip. I know I take ’em wherever I can. A fellow photographer called me today saying that she was moving and just wanted to get rid of a lot of props and backgrounds. I loaded up the SUV and I’m going back tommorow for another full load. Lots of really great stuff that must have cost her a bunch. I’m giving her full run of the studio property any time she likes.


3 Responses to “For Uncle B.”

  1. Love “that light on a pole”, may try that soon.

    I don’t shoot nudes anymore but if I could afford London Andrews it would be a treat. Her career as a model blog is really interesting and the different styles of the photographers.

    I get a lot of crap here for liking a certain type of look but by the photos of London is proof how a flawed human can be turned into a goddess working with fellow minded artists.

  2. Yeah, I don’t shoot nudes anymore either. But I might consider it under the right circumstances.

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