Really interesting photoshoot info can be found here :



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  1. I just found a really high resolution copy from the auction house that you can find here :


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m surprised that they make such a big deal about the photo being reversed. All photos of this era were mirror images. The wedding band would be on the right hand, the hair parted the opposite way, etc. The photographers at the time knew this of course and would often pose people holding something in the opposite way to make the image look natural, a guitar or banjo for instance. This photo gave rise to the notion that, as it says in the relatively contemporary song about Billy the Kid, that he “wore his gun all wrong”. I liked the aspect of the photo assistant holding the reflector, very much like it’s done today. We call all items that a photographer uses for a portrait these days a “prop” but in this case it literally was something that propped up the person, hold him still. The other possible origin for this word could well be that actors on the stage also used “props”, short for property of the theatre. The person in charge of all the items used in a play or movie is still called “the property man”.It is also interesting that the experts analyzed the peculiar slope of Billy’s shoulders. Maybe he was teased as a “Kid” for this dweebish appearence and that’s what made him want to kill people.

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