Sad News

It is with sadness that I pass along the news of the passing of Stavros Dikos.

You may remember from the old days at the Village near VCU. He and wife Stella were alway kind folks and the Village was certainly a place where I spent many good and happy times


6 Responses to “Sad News”

  1. First place I ever had lamb (yum). His whole family has made positive cuisine memories for this community at large. My Dad gave them the first loan to open The Village probably on a handshake.

  2. He gave me a job cooking my second year at vcu. Taught me a lot then gently suggested that I leave since the grill smoke was working up my asthma. He was gruff when he needed to be but sweet as honey most of the time. I remember being shocked at how hard they all worked.

  3. rotobra Says:

    I didn’t know Dikos but I have spent a little time at the Village. It was the setting for the start of a few strange trips. It seems like it lost a little of it’s “bohemian dive” feeling when it moved across the street.
    At least it still survives. It’s nice to see jmsayles post again. I missed her.

  4. jude3obscured Says:

    I was a breakfast waitress there in 1984. I’m pretty sure that it was no longer part of the Stavros/Stella empire, but it was a great place to work.

    Anyone remember the plastic food glued upside-down to the stamped tin ceiling in the late ’70s? It was fabulous.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    No, they sold the place about 1980, to the Mike Fleck and his brother. Some time later, it moved across the street into the present space. Just recently, Mike sold to the present owner, Herb Rueger (???). The character has changed with the years, but it still retains a good bit of the specialness it once had.

    Harry Kolatz wrote a fine history of the place, first published as an article (in Richmond magazine?) and later distributed as a booklet through the Village.

  6. Roy Scherer Says:

    Sorry, premature posting!

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