and another

Do you know any of these “nonconformists” ?


7 Responses to “and another”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Are we supposed to recognize them? And why did I get logged out when I didn’t do anything? This is annoying.

    — Judd fer da Dafence

  2. I never got the tattoos and my eyes weren’t bad during the baseball hat phase.

  3. boatdog Says:

    I think they are all different versions of Chris Bopst (local boy, hippie hater).

  4. rotobra Says:

    I was just thinking that these guys were all claiming nonconformity but adopting a certain uniform although the cat on the cell phone does remind me of Shorty Schwartz minus the full body tats. Shade says that all the guys who work at the restaurant near his house look like this. (The hat tat guys, not The Strange Ones)

  5. Smart-ass hipsters like Bopst piss me off.

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