Happy 4th

A few shots of our little city’s fireworks.


10 Responses to “Happy 4th”

  1. boatdog Says:

    7/4 ???

  2. 10/4 good buddy

  3. rotobra Says:


  4. boatdog Says:

    Think 3.

  5. rotobra Says:

    O/3 =L7

  6. It is curious info, I’ve been shooting alot at 1/80 which I don’t think was ever on a film camera I had.

  7. Gourdhead just sent me this :

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If those are illegal, what the hell do the legal ones look like? IEDs?

  9. I’m sure you meant the other post and illict flares are almost comet like sometimes (WDL for catching it). We just back from the day late ones from dogwood dell that we watched from the Powhite on the edge of winsor farms. The grand finale did resemble the TV coverage of the bombing of Baghdad.

    Number 4 of this series is curious.

    I got 2 shots I liked and they are joining in a pano, so maybe 3. I did think 3 and took all the shots at 3 seconds. Infinity on my stupid zoom isn’t at the end of the focus so I made an error that isn’t too bad but enough to tick me off. Why can’t things remain the same or is everything just a constant challenge???

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