Work in Progress II

These were last seen when they were stacked on top of the bar stool in my back yard. Now they are installed at the Fox School. This was a cool project, and I hope to do more for these folks!


16 Responses to “Work in Progress II”

  1. ThirdEyeGuy Says:

    Very cool! Next post a vid of it being played.

  2. Hell, I almost took my rubber hammer to check that out but with the crime scene tape I didn’t stay long.

  3. boatdog Says:

    As usual, there’s a learning process going on. I’m not 100% happy with the sound of these, but I know what I’m going to do with the next batch.

  4. corndoggie Says:

    So what’s the deal with the police tape? Can we drop by and play this contraption or what?

  5. It’s deemed a construction site so I sure because of insurance you could be ticketed for trespassing. Since I had a camera I took a chance but seen trying to play this object I’m sure would be miss understood on a unfinished site.

  6. ThirdEyeGuy Says:

    Nice pano Ot. Metal mimics sky and yellow tape makes the shot.
    Great color in this one!

  7. Very cool installation. We only had the monkey bars when I went to Fox. I slipped off one time and it knocked the breath out of me. The neighborhood pictured in the background of Uncle Banjo’s shot is where the mean, tough kids lived. I would walk several blocks out of my way to avoid them. One time I took the risk of entering their turf and they relieved me of my slingshot which had a broken sling. A few minutes later they caught up with me and smashed an egg on my head for giving them a broken slingshot.
    Maybe Boatdog could partially fill the enclosed bells with a liquid that would change the tone in interesting ways when you bonked and swiveled them.

  8. I had an interesting “very Richmond” conversation with a kid (who seemed to be about 15 years old) while I was working on this. He was a former student of the Fox elementary school and was waxing nostalgic about how great the old playground used to be. Then, yesterday, another person came up and said that her kids were disappointed that the playground was changing, since her kids had liked it so much the way it was before. Just sayin’.

    BTW, it’s not about insurance… Since the site has no security, I put the police tape up there so that my client would at least have a chance to see it before somebody spray paints it or worse. I did my best to make it vandal proof, but you never know. I’d say go ahead and play it (you can use your hands, no real need for a mallet). It’s a free country.

  9. rotobra Says:

    Interveiwer: “Well, Mr. Jackson, you’re 100 years old today and you have lived in Richmond all of your life. I bet you have seen a lot of changes over the years.”
    Mr. Jackson: “Yep, and I was agin’ every dang one of ’em!”

    How many Richmonders does it take to change a light bulb?
    Ans. Five.
    One to change the bulb and four more to wax nostalgic about how great the old bulb was.

    So this Oregon Hill fella walks into the Ukrops and tells the produce manager he needs some “Kiddely Beans”.
    The manager replies, “Uh, don’t you mean “Kidney Beans”?

  10. BTW, Roto… the drums are are partially filled with liquid… and I said KIDDLY, DIDDLE I ???

  11. corndoggie Says:

    For your information, Roto (and possibly Jude), Ukrops ain’t no more — the family sold it to a chain called Martin’s. Downside: change, which I’m agin’ like all Richmonders (change=non-local ownership, and the Ukrops have been extraordinarily community-minded). Upside: beer sales on Sundays.

  12. corndoggie Says:

    BD: service contract to grind graffiti and grunge?

  13. jude3obscured Says:

    Doesn’t grunge count as “patina”?

    (Very cool, Boat — can’t wait to see ’em in the flesh, the next time I get out Richmond way …)

  14. rotobra Says:

    Maybe Boatdog should just put his own graffiti on the piece as a pre-emptive strike. Speaking of graffiti ……

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