Deep Ellum Graffiti

Just a few of the shots of some wall art down in the Deep Ellum section of Dallas.


6 Responses to “Deep Ellum Graffiti”

  1. boatdog Says:

    Those are cool, but I don’t see any belly dancers in any of the pictures. Belly dancers are cool. I just pre-ordered my copy of the O3 belly dance pinup calendar, by the way, which just went on sale at Khalima’s website. I’d post the link, but the site has been mobbed ever since the pre-sale for the calendar went live this afternoon, and I can’t reconnect.

  2. The site traffic eventually died down after the initial wave of pre-orders of the O3 pinup calendar:

  3. Pay Pal pre-ordering is on the bottom right of the page.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    There may not be any actual “belly dancers” in the graffiti (and for this omission I am truly sorry) but there is plenty of female bellyliciousness like the Aztec Queen and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Did O3 do the photography for the Khalima Calendar? It might be worth getting for it’s value as a collectable. I think someone else should get it first and then let us know if it is really worth $18.95. It is good to know that at Khalima Dance Studio the instructors are “passionate” which is the number one thing I’m looking for in a belly dancing teacher. Do they offer private lessons? Tantric exercises? Happy Ending? Belly dancers are cool.

  5. Belly dancers ARE cool. To some, previous comments I’ve made including the term “belly dancers” might make them think I think otherwise, but actually those comments were about other things.

    And about the calendar: I only know that O3 is a big part of it and that most of it has been kept secret. Good reasons to buy it:

    1. I think that O3 may be the exclusive photographer of this work. Who needs another reason?

    2. Even if the calendar sucks – which it won’t – it will easily be worth the $20 if only because we’ve already had to wait over 50 years for an O3 product to be available as a commercial offering and who knows if there will be others??

    3. It might be a great investment. Here, as nearly as I can tell, O3 is teamed with a graphic designer / publisher / activist who, among his other accomplishments, has been featured on the Martha Stewart show. The possibility exists that this project might have enough inertia to lead to more public output by O3 (yes, I know there is the blog, but that’s different). So, if you buy the calendar, you may be buying the first of a series.

    Do I need a calendar? N0. I don’t even use printed calendars anymore. But this is special. Just sayin’.

  6. KCMO has lots of sanctioned graffiti.. there’s one artist who does a series of demented rodents..

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