Unpanorama for Biggie

8 Responses to “Unpanorama for Biggie”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Yeah, Bach at the Fillmore East really turned those hippies heads around. I like the lighter sound of him playing a tracker organ:

  2. Wasn’t “Biggie K” the white rapper who gave “Vanilla Ice” a run for his money a few years back, (remember the smash hit, “yo lickquid assets are preferred”) and who later started “White Collar Crime” records only to die under mysterious circumstances when he took an “accidental” overdose of Viagra while vacationing at Disney World?

  3. You can overdose on Viagra?

  4. It can be hard but Viagra induced terminal priapism has been reported. Sometimes the victim ignores the disclaimer, “If you have an erection lasting more than four hours, call a physician” and just goes along for the ride. More common are accidents involving power tools, fan blades, vacuum cleaners etc. Viagra can also create dangerous situation because it can distort visual perceptions making red lights look green etc. That’s why airline pilots are advised not to use it especially before a flight.

  5. Thanks for the post. Actually I performed under the name “Big E. Rat” when working with the folks at White Collar Crime.

  6. Sorry, Big E. Rat, I didn’t mean to confuse you with Biggie K who expired after trashing the Disney hotel after a two day Diet Coke and Viagra fueled sex binge. I sometimes get Biggie K, Lil’ Biggie and you mixed up even though you produced such immortal White Collar Crime Records as “Inside Her Trading”, “Bull likes it Bare”, “Made Off Wid’ My Stack Stock”, “Pimp my Portfolio” and “Initial Pubic Offering”. Didn’t I read somewhere that you had lost most of your music catalog after Lil’ Biggie’s crew did a hard drive by re-booting on your computer?

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