Sweet MG, er… Morgan on Brook Rd.


7 Responses to “Sweet MG, er… Morgan on Brook Rd.”

  1. I photograph this a year ago, didn’t know it was a MG and noticed how its changed (same plate though).


  2. corndoggie Says:

    My, what a purty picture!

  3. That’s a Morgan, not an MG. Morgan three-wheelers did not have to pay the full tax on cars in the UK.

  4. corndoggie Says:

    Bosco, I ain’t disputing your knowledge, but riddle me this: what’s with the “MG” medallion visible in the front view?

  5. Could be a MG engine? Who knows from all the changes made from last year it’s hard to tell but it is more a hot rod now then the original Morgan, that was clearly the Morgan wings on the grill a year ago.

  6. It says “MG Car Club” on the emblem. This is something the owner has attached to the front of the car, not part of the original machine.

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